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About Lawn Renu

Quick-Drying. Completely Safe.

Lawn Renu is the trusted lawn dye for thousands of contractors, homeowners, and professionals all across the US. It is our number one product, backed by years of research and use.

For centuries, homeowners have been working effortlessly to keep their lawns green year round.  For most parts of the country, this is virtually impossible.  Sod turns brown, fescue stunts, and others just fade in the sun.  With Lawn Renu, homeowners can enjoy fairway-green lawns all year long.


How to Use Lawn Renu

Directions: How to Apply Colorant to your Mulch, Grass, Bark & Pine Straw

1. Shake well before using.
2. Add 16 oz. of colorant to your household garden sprayer.
3. Fill sprayer to 2 gallons with water.
3. Mix well.
* Do not apply undiluted product.

This product will stain plants, rocks, sidewalks, driveways or porous substrates. Rinse immediately with water.

Store in cool, dry location. Avoid freezing. Dispose of empty container in waste bin when done.

If contact with eyes occurs, flush with large amounts of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention. If contact with skin occurs, wash with soap and water.


Ingredients – water, natural pigments, biodegradable binder

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